ROSRC Season 2021 Update

Good evening ROSRC Members!

With about 10 days remaining of our pool being open, I wanted to follow up on some “housekeeping” items and some reminders!

1.  LAST CALL!!!!    

Please Submit Your Name for Election Time!!!   As a proud ROSRC Board Member, I welcome you to join us in helping keep ROSRC safe & awesome for all our members and their families to enjoy!  If you are interested in running for any openROSRC Board Member positions, and haven’t already responded, please respond to this email with your full name.

2.  ROSRC Pool has removed the diving boards and is now open with “Swim At Your Own Risk”.  An ADULT MUST BE PRESENT with children at the pool whether the children are swimming or not swimming.  The pool will close on October 1st

3.  GATE HOURS until pool closes on September 30th

     7:00am – 8:00pm  (Sun Up  ’til Sun Down)

4.  Work credits are still available!!!  

If for some reason you have not already fulfilled your work credit for 2021, or cannot fulfill during this month, we may have some opportunities this Fall/Winter Season.  As always, you can contribute your $50 towards ROSRC’s beautification.  Please reply to this email if you are interested in a work credit and I will let you know what dates and times are available.  

5.  Tennis Courts will continue to remain OPEN and we do have LEAGUES should you want to join!

As always, ROSRC thanks all our members and their guests for keeping ROSRC safe & awesome!  Please enjoy these last days of pool season 2021.  

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