ROSRC Labor Day Celebration

Hard to believe it is already the end of the summer!  But sadly it is, so let’s celebrate one more time!!  We will have our annual Labor Day party on Monday.  We will provide the usual hot dogs and hamburgers and two kegs of beer!  The summer favorite DJ couple, John and Jan Morgan, will be back to spin your favorite tunes!  If you want to play any games, just tell them how you want to do it and they will help coordinate!

Please please bring a side dish or dessert that you can share with about 6-8 people!

 We are still in need of volunteers. Keep in mind this can be counted as your Mandatory Work Day and keep you from having to pay the $50 missed word day fee.

Volunteer Positions:

1.  2-4 people to help with cooking burgers and dogs (and babysitting the keg)

2.  2-4 people to help facilitate the serving of the food and keeping it flowing on the island. This also includes adding, combining and taking away empties.

3.  4-6 people to help with clean up!  This is the most important job and always ends up on the planners’ shoulders. This involves rinsing all dishes and making sure they find their owners, wiping down all surfaces, emptying the garbage, and hosing down the deck where the food is served.

If you can help, please email Becky McInerney (not respond to this) at [email protected] ASAP so she can help me facilitate this last party of the season!!

 One last very important detail!!  The reserving of chairs has become quite the hot topic this year.  While there is absolutely no perfect way to make this happen, we would like to inform you that we will be enforcing the following rules on reserving chairs for the Labor Day party this year.

No chairs may be reserved with towels before 8:00 am on Monday, Labor Day!!  I will be headed up to the pool at 7:45 am and any towels on chairs will be pulled off the chairs and put in a pile.  You may then come back up at 8:00 and get in the mix with the rest of the membership.  This is a reasonable hour that should allow all members to reserve chairs.

Please only reserve no more than 2 per family membership.  Most kids don’t sit down much at all during the day and reserving them a seat is a waste of seating for others.

Please only four chairs per table reservation, do not drag 10 chairs from other tables to one table.  And please only one table per family.

It is always  wise to bring your own chairs from home so that you will always have a seat!!

 Thank you all so much for a great summer and hope to see you at the pool!!

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