Welcome to our 2021 BOARD MEMBERS!!!!

ROSRC had a great turn out for the Open Board Meeting which was held on October 5th.  The New Board Members were announced and they will begin their new roles at the November 8th Meeting.  You will receive an email thereafter announcing the Board Members and their positions.  

2021 ROSRC Board Members:

MaryAnne Brown – acting president 

Carol Hawkins – secretary

Chris Cole – Pool

Kris Vollenweider – Bldgs & grounds

Kasia Palmaka – PR

Christie Burton – membership

Kes Helms – junior activities 

Sonny Spratlin

Lulie Dunham

Tyler Wright

Erin Thompson 

* Please email me if you want to be removed from our email list.  Thank you!
Kasia Palmaka
ROSRC Public Relations[email protected]

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