ROSRC: President’s Letter

Good Afternoon,

I’m Jeff Huenniger and I am honored to have been asked to serve as our club’s President for 2018, and I am VERY excited for all our membership now that I have met the many who also volunteered to serve as Chairs for the various areas of leadership needed to maintain our club. The energy and enthusiasm of these folks will make 2018 a very exciting year for all of us, I am certain of it.

Let me introduce them:

Vice President: Laurel Tucker

Treasurer: Traci Johnson

Secretary: Alison Makely

Membership: Christie Burton

Pool: George Miller

Building and Grounds: Adam Hopkins

Junior Activities :Laura Jolley

Social: Lisa Waite

Public Relations: Nisha Moussakhani

Tennis. Mary Koerner

My family and I have had the privilege of being members of River Oak Swim & Racquet Club since May 10, 2002. Joel Bagley was the President then; I know this because he signed our official membership certificate; #9898.  Our annual dues were $400 that year. Over the past 15 and a half years, my family has gotten our monies worth and more as we hold and cherish many strong and lasting memories from the events, people, and teams that make the club so terrific!

Your body might be wired a bit differently than mine, but over the past 15 years I have been experiencing situations where I have needed, shall we say, “additional maintenance”. And you know, that is the case for our club as well. Unfortunately, these things don’t always coordinate with a booming economy, full club membership or when we have our health savings or emergency accounts fully funded. Just as we must make tough, and sometimes uncomfortable, decisions and prioritization have to be made in order to maintain our personal health the same is true for the health of our club. I want each you to know that the volunteer members of your 2018 Board are already working hard to bring you the best experiences we can plan for the 2018 year, and with your involvement for many years to come.

Look for some of the ideas of what to improve at our club to be shared in our next newsletter. We also welcome your ideas and input. If it relates to a specific area of the pool, please contact the appropriate Chairperson. You can also CC me on any email communication or leave me a message at: [email protected].

In closing I have two requests:  First, when it comes to YOUR River Oak Swim & Racquet Club, DON’T KEEP US A SECRET.  You know one or two or TEN families that would love to have the fun and memorable experiences you have been having as a member of our Club. Talk with them and get their permission to share their names and contact information with our Membership Chair: Christie Burton ([email protected]).  Finally, I need your participation.   We need you not only swimming, playing tennis, and attending social events, but participating in committees, workdays, and club upkeep.  Will you join me?


Jeff Huenniger

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