LH – Project Update

ROSRC Members and Families:

We wanted to give you an update on the status of the Larry Hogan Tennis Pavilion Project. We have
raised about $1,600 towards the $2,500 goal to complete all the desired improvements. There have
been several people/families who have pledged to contribute but have not yet sent in money, so if it’s
fallen off your radar, please go ahead and get your donation in ASAP. We need a firm tally of how
much we have in order to prioritize allocation of those dollars (note – do NOT make checks out to
ROSRC as this is separate from club funds):
1. Mailed bank check:
Mary Koerner
222 12 th Street NE, Unit 2005
Atlanta, GA 30309

2. Venmo available (contact Mary Koerner or Vicki Spratlin below)
3. Contact info:
Mary Koerner (678) 613-5332 [email protected]
Karen Bagley (770) 364-5249 [email protected]
Vicki Spratlin (770) 490-0321 [email protected]
This past weekend, the work kicked off with pressure washing of the pavilion area as well as rotten
board replacement. Once the temperatures warm up and the rain stops, the woodwork will be
stained and sealed. If you have expertise in outdoor wood staining and/or access to purchase staining
materials at a discounted cost, please let Mary, Karen, or Vicki know. After staining, we will complete
the following based on final available funds:
 Installation of new facia boards on pavilion
 Decorative woodwork added
 New ceiling fans installed
 New decorative lighting installed
 New food-serving table
 Roll-down vinyl side curtains if budget allows
 Landscaping spruce up if budget allows (need volunteers)
 Pavilion roof shingles replaced if budget allows (need volunteers)
Thanks, again, for helping us show this wonderful family how much they are loved.
Jackie Roberts
ROSRC Public Relations[email protected]
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