Greetings River Oak Swim & Racquet Club Members!

It is about that time of year.  Less than a 1 month before we close our pool.  With that said, here are some “housekeeping” items and updates!
1.  ROSRC has been blessed this season with remaining open!!!  Positively Pools and our Members have kept our environment clean & safe!   Thank you to all that contributed to our staying COVID-Clean and helping around our Club.  A special THANK YOU to  Christie Burton for signing up many NEW members this season!  With all the new members comes a few ooopsies.  We did have one or two incidents where a GLASS baby jar of food was at the pool, as well as, a GLASS bottle of beer.  PLEASE NOTE: ROSRC is a GLASS FREEenvironment.  NO GLASS of any type is permitted.  We understand babies need food and recommend the squeezy plastic type or transfer glass food into a plastic tupperware please!  Adults, beer also comes in a can & is pool friendly!!!
2.  It was brought to the Board’s attention that people have been using the diving boards during “swim at your own risk” time.  NOTE:diving boards are NOT to be used when a lifeguard is not sitting in a lifeguard chair.  
4. Work credits still available.  We are recruiting ROSRC Members to help beautify our grounds.  Please reply to this email if you are interested and I will let you know what dates and times are available.  
5. NEW GATE HOURS:9/2 – 9/3:   7:00am – 8:00pm (Wednesday & Thursday)9/4 – 9/5:   7:00am – 11:00pm (Friday & Saturday)9/6:           7:00am –  9:00pm  (Sunday)9/7:           7:00am –  8:00pm (Labor Day – Monday)

9/8 – 9/30:  7:00am – 8:00pm OR sun up til sundown                                               WITH SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK*  PLEASE NOTE:  bathrooms open at 10:00am daily
6. Election Time!!!  If you are interested in running for any of the following OPEN ROSRC Board Member positions, please respond to this email with your full name and position of interest.  – President– Treasurer– Tennis
7. In early August, some of you noticed some problems with our toilets, shower stall and water hoses.  With much patience, determination and fierce efforts of the Board Members, we were able to keep our Pool and Tennis Courts open!  We replaced a portion of the plumbing pipeline that were destroyed by tree roots and also had to take down some trees that had some nasty roots or were simply rotting.  The pool’s main water pump was also fixed.
8.  Frasier Roofing will be replacing and updating the rooftops on our main pavilion, tennis pavilion and announcement board as soon as the pool closes.  Thank you to Phillip Moussakhani and Frasier Roofing for helping ROSRC with this enhancement,  
9.  In early August, ROSRC lost a few pool umbrellas during a bad storm.  ROSRC replaced several BLUE and both RED lifeguard umbrellas.  When all the umbrellas are open… our Club looks AWESOME!
As always, ROSRC thanks all of our Members and their Guests for keeping ROSRC Safe & Awesome!  Please be careful during this holiday weekend.  ROSRC will be open and it looks like super weather for our Club!  
God Bless America & Keep Us All Safe

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