We are certainly facing challenging times, and we hope that all of our ROSRC families are well. The health and safety of our members is top priority, and while we wish to ensure the enjoyment of our facilities, gathering at the pool is not advisable due to the various restrictions and orders we are under. For this reason, we have opted to delay the opening of our pool.  Since there is no way to predict when we can schedule an “opening day”, for now we must remain flexible and responsive to the situation as it unfolds.  Additionally, in compliance with state guidelines, the May Junior Activities and the opening day Memorial Picnic will be cancelled. We are currently evaluating various options for ways to manage group gatherings, if/when the current guidelines are relaxed.
Though the pool is not currently open, we are excited to announce that the tennis courts are still available for your enjoyment!  While we must ask that you follow the state guidelines for group distancing and gathering, please feel free to make use of the courts with your family.
The upkeep of our club is vital, and we cannot stop or delay even slightly the preparations needed to ensure the pool and staff are ready for swimming next month. It has been recommended that furniture be left stored and covers stay on until we get some better indicators of when public gathering will be allowed.  Repairs, maintenance and water quality are high priority to continue.  Positively Pools will still be visiting, treating, prepping and stocking our pool as well as hiring and training staff for summer services.   
In compliance with the current guidelines, we will be cancelling our group Work Day originally scheduled for April 18th.  You are invited to help beautify our grounds on your own schedule and earn credit this way. Please reach out if you would like to take this opportunity, and we will advise you of the maintenance and landscaping needs. 
A June Dues Notice reminder will be coming soon. Protecting the financial solvency of any small business is key during stressful times. For this reason, the Board has evaluated expenses and made some adjustments to guard our interests.  Changes have been made to our wi-fi, phone, landscaping, and cable accounts to make sure we are getting the best rates and being proactive with our finances. Positively Pools is also being responsive to the current situation, and they are promising to ensure a readiness to serve, but they are also planning to only charge for services that are rendered. 
In these uncertain times, please remember that the River Oak Swim and Racquet Club is a member run facility. Since the Board is comprised of club volunteers, your support is greatly appreciated as we navigate this unchartered territory.

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